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Four sizes ...
protect up to 32,400
square feet 

OVER $50

Use the links below to learn more about how
Rabbit Scram Rabbit Repellent protects landscapes
and gardens from rabbit damage:

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Protecting Your Garden Investment

Identifying Rabbits in Your Landscape

It’s been said that it’s easier to identify what’s not eaten by rabbits than what is

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Your Hard Work … Ruined Overnight!

Managing and Deterring Rabbits in Your Landscape

Rabbits often clip, snip and chew away ornamental plants and vegetable gardens overnight

Get rid of rabbits in gardens and landscaspes

Rabbit Scram granular rabbit repellent is an all-natural, fully organic and biodegradable rabbit-control product that’s guaranteed to keep rabbits off your prized landscape, valuable gardens, and ornamental shrubs and trees. Rabbit Scram is more than just another offensive scent or unpleasant taste to foraging rabbits. Blended from selected organic and natural components, Rabbit Scram rabbit repellant is sniffed off the ground by foraging rabbits, convincing them that harm is nearby, before they begin to feed on your gardens.


Get Rid of Rabbits Now! Rabbit Scram changes rabbit behavior
because it is used as a direct barrier repellent applied at the base
of rabbits’ favored plants. As rabbits near Rabbit Scram, the
animals actually alert to a sense of danger, triggering their genetic
biological defense mechanism to flee from predators.


Regular application of Rabbit Scram rabbit repellant creates
barrier – 24 hours a day – that rabbits will not cross to reach your plants. And Rabbit Scram’s granular application won't wash off with rain as many spray repellents do. Rabbit Scram effectively, safely and naturally shields your landscaping, ornamental shrubs and trees, and valuable vegetables when used as directed and consistently applied every 30-45 days. Rabbit Scram is not water-soluble, it lasts longer than competing sprays, it protects new growth that sprays cannot, and it is less expensive to use because it is applied around plants rather than on the leaves of each plant.


We guarantee it!

Rabbit Scram FAQs:

Q-How can Rabbit Scram Help You?
With Rabbit Scram properly applied, your vegetable beds,
flower gardens and ornamental shrubs are protected from the
foraging of all kinds of rabbits. Rabbit Scram gives you get
quaranteed plant protection 24 hours a day!

Q-How does Rabbit Scram Work?

Many rabbit repellents work by taste and is often washed off in
the rain. Rabbit Scram works in all seasons, forming  forms a unique protective odor barrier around your plants, garden plot and shrubs that is offensive to rabbits but not offensive or harmful to humans and pets.

Q-How often do I apply Rabbit Scram?

Rabbit Scram consistently works for up to
30-45 days under normal summer conditions
rainfall and irrigation. Extremely heavy rain
may require re-application.

Q-What is the correct method for
applying Rabbit Scram?

Use the scoop provided to apply a 24-inch
barrier strip around damaged and threatened
areas, beginning right at the edge of garden
beds, plants and pots. Broadcast lightly within 
the fIrst 2 or 3 feet of affected gardens or beds.

Q-Do I need to reapply Rabbit Scram after it rains or snows?

While Rabbit Scram does not dissolve or wash off 
in rain/snow, if should be lightly re-applied immediately following a heavy downpour (1 to 2 inches in an hour) or after periods of heavy or frequent rain.

Q-Is Rabbit Scram safe around children and pets?

Rabbit Scram contains all natural organic materials that won't harm humans or pets, even immediately after applying.  Rabbit Scram contains no chemicals and requires no special handling or protection whIle applying the product. We recommend that you wash well after use. Because of its all natural and harmless ingredients, Rabbit Scram is exempt from registration as a repellent or pesticide under EPA regulations.

Q-Is Rabbit Scram a natural product or does it contain harmful or irritating chemicals?

 Rabbit Scram is manufactured from all natural, organic components. It's a truly green product!

Q-Do I have to buy Rabbit Scram online or can I buy it locally?

That depends on where you are! EPIC's rapidly growing dealer/retail network extends across North America and Hawaii. We're found in many of the finest garden centers and retail nurseries in these regions. Look for our display!

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Apply RABBIT SCRAM granular, all-natural rabbit repellent now! Get rid of rabbits and protect your prized trees, shrubs, gardens and landscapes this season
from foraging deer -- Four sizes: protect up to 19,000 
square feet.


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